How To Remove Catalytic Converter And Replace With Straight Pipe- With Pros & Cons

Catalytic converters are a fundamental part of a vehicle’s exhaust system. It has become more important after countries mandate the installation of catalytic converters in cars. This step ensured less vehicle emission pollution as environmental changes and global warming started to rise drastically.

Failure of the catalytic converter in vehicles will result in poor performance of vehicles. Further, your vehicle might also fail the emission regulation tests and be banned from road usage. However, catalytic converters are expensive. Therefore, you need to be sure it is at fault before replacing it with a new one. The easiest way is to test it with a straight pipe first.

Let’s dive into the details about how to remove the catalytic converter and replace it with a straight pipe.


How Can You Replace A Catalytic Converter With A Straight Pipe- 6 Steps Guide

Replacing a catalytic converter with a straight pipe might seem easy if you can do it properly.

You need to follow some steps in order to get the process right to replace a catalytic converter with a straight pipe. The procedures are given below.


Initial Step 

First of all park the vehicle on level ground and make sure the car does not slide while the installation process. Now, use a hydraulic jack to lift your vehicle higher up the ground.

You need to position a jack on each corner of the vehicle’s frame. Finally, make the vehicle fully supported by the jack by lowering the hydraulic jack.


Second Step

Make sure the exhaust system is cool before proceeding to any further work. Further, the exhaust system will be heated if you have driven the vehicle recently. Be careful as it might cause burn due to the extremely hot metal of the exhaust system.


Third Step

Now you need to place a carpet under the vehicle where you will slide. This will keep you clean when you slide under the vehicle.

Finally, go under the vehicle and use penetrating fluid to spray it on the catalytic converter bolts. At least wait for twenty minutes for the fluid to work effectively.


Fourth Step

You need to loosen the bolts on the catalytic converter. You need an adjustable wrench for this. Further, turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the bolts.

You need to be careful when you are disassembling the catalytic converter and taking it to the ground. Moreover, keep the converter in a safe place so that you can use it again if needed.


Fifth Step

Now you need to fit the test pipe inside the exhaust system. Further, place it on the void left by the catalytic converter.

You need to twist the pipe with the help of your hand so that it fits securely on the mounting holes and connects well with the exhaust pipe.


Sixth Step

Fit the disassembled mounting bolts back to the holes. Tighten the bolts with the wrench in the opposite direction to that you have disassembled.

Use the hydraulic jack to raise your vehicle. Further, take off those jack stands from the frame and then remove the hydraulic jack by lowering it. This is how you can remove catalytic converter and replace with straight pipe.

However, what is the benefits of removing the catalytic converter from your vehicle? You need to understand the significance in order to determine if you need to remove one.

Moreover, there are cons too of removing a catalytic converter and replacing it with a straight pipe. Therefore, let’s discuss the pros and cons in order to project you a clear idea of what you need to do.


Benefits Of Removing A Catalytic Converter

Let’s be clear with one thing any hindrance in the airflow of the exhaust system will reduce the horsepower of the vehicle. Therefore, the main thing that comes into mind is the bump in horsepower!


Horsepower Bump

Yes, you have guessed correctly that removing the catalytic converter increase the horsepower of your vehicle. The catalytic converter produces tons of backpressure in the exhaust pipe due to creating congestion at the end of the exhaust pipe. Therefore, the absence of a catalytic converter will enable faster gas flow and better performance.


More Fuel Economy

Better gas mileage is another key factor to consider. Since the engine backpressure is reduced due to the lack of a catalytic converter, the engine will experience less strain. As a result, you will get better fuel economy.

This statement is further supported by the law of physics that power is directly proportional to the energy. Less power means less energy which means less intake of fuel to produce that energy. As a result better fuel economy!


Better Flexibility

Who does not love flexibility? Catalytic converter cars require the usage of only unleaded gasoline. However, do you know that lead-based gasoline produces more energy compared to unleaded gasoline? Therefore, you will get more flexibility along with better performance out of your vehicle. Moreover, this is not possible with vehicles that have a catalytic converter fitted in.


Engine Sound

We all love to hear the roaring sound of the engine. A catalytic converter reduces the pleasing exhaust note drastically. Therefore, removal of it will increase the exhaust note. Further, you will be able to enjoy the raw exhaust sound while cruising with your vehicle.


Some Disadvantages Of Removal Of Catalytic Converter

Every action has an opposite reaction. Without a doubt, you will get many advantages by removing the catalytic converter but there are some cons which you should know.



It is impossible to remove the catalytic converter legally in the united states. Moreover, your own country might even consider it to be illegal. Therefore, your car might be banned from road usage anytime.


Triggering Fault Code

Your vehicle might show a fault code when you remove the catalytic converter. Further, note that the oxygen sensor might get damaged while you remove the converter as it is located very near the converter itself.


Emission Concern

Catalytic converters remove harmful exhaust gases and release less or no harmful gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, a car without it will release harmful gases into the atmosphere. This will create concern regarding global warming, acid rain, air pollution, and many more!



You have accomplished the mission of knowing how to remove the catalytic converter and replace with straight pipe. It is easy to replace the converter with a straight pipe and you can do it on your own.

There are tons of advantages and disadvantages to removing it. However, it depends on what you want to do with your vehicle and how you want your vehicle to respond while driving. We discourage you to remove the converter if you are in the united states as it is illegal to do so.

Further, you might end up getting a huge fine if caught! Moreover, preserve the catalytic converter if you remove it. You might need it back again and losing it will cost you thousands of dollars to purchase one again!

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