What is Straight Pipe Exhaust? Assessing Pros and Cons

What is Straight Pipe Exhaust

After buying a car, many people feel the need to modify it because of their interest or preference. These modifications can be about anything – the appearance of the vehicle, adding accessories, changing some parts, etc. One such transformation is done to the car’s sound using straight pipe exhaust. Many people want to get their …

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How Hot Does a Car Exhaust Get? – A Detailed Guide [2022]

How Hot Does a Car Exhaust Get

How hot does a car exhaust get? As a motorist, you might be seeking an answer to this question. The hottest an exhaust pipe or manifold should ever get is 1,600 degrees F or 850 degrees C. Where the exhaust pipe bends trap more heat. An exhaust pipe gains heat when the car engine has a …

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10 Causes of White Smoke from Exhaust When Accelerating + Fixing!

White Smoke from Exhaust When Accelerating

Automobiles have intricate design and complex working, and they are prone to wear and tear easily. One common issue can be smoke coming out of the exhaust. Smoke can be of different colors and caused by various underlying issues. These issues can be severe or trivial, or they could also mean nothing. It entirely depends …

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Top 7 Steps of How to Clean Exhaust Tips + FAQ

How to Clean Exhaust Tips

Often, owners do not pay attention to the hardly visible parts of the car. One such part is the exhaust tip. These tips can be fitted, installed, or clamped on the exhaust system’s tailpipe. The exhaust system helps keep the car clean from exhaust gases, making the tailpipe dirty. This is not something that you …

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